In My Own Notes (1995​-​2003)

by Reinhold Behringer

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    When downloading the whole album, six "bonus tracks" are included which are the early recordings of some of these pieces, which had been recorded 1999-2003 shortly after each composition was completed, using Yamaha MU-80 and soundfonts:
    Tristan, Siegfried and Isolde (1999)
    Elegia (2002)
    Classical Clichees: Entrada (2002)
    Classical Clichees: Exotica (2002)
    Classical Clichees: Joyful (2002)
    From Song of Songs (2003)

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This album contains my "early" compositions which I wrote between 1995 and 2003.

I began writing music by experimenting with MIDI around 1994. A year later I completed the first more or less structured composition ("Opus 1") and shared it as a MIDI file on CompuServe.

The next composition I wrote in 1999 as a response to David Solomon's challenge on his website "La Petite Musique", where he asked for compositions related to Wagner's Tristan Chord. This composition, "Tristan and Siegfried meet Isolde", written as an entry to this challenge, was then posted on the MP3.COM site..

Since that time, I have often recorded live improvisations on my MIDI keyboard, mostly using the piano sample setting, but also toying around with other instruments. Based on these improvisations, I have then extracted some music material from them and have used these themes and motifs in a few more structured compositions.

In 2001 I wrote the "Romantic Suite" (also available as a separate album), which also was available then at MP3.COM. This recording here has some very minor edits, compared to the previous release.

Then in 2002 I wanted to write a suite in 3 movements with "Classical-Romantical Clichees". but I only completed one movement. This became then the "Elegia". If strongly features a solo viola, of which I did have a relatively natural and expressive soundfont.

In the same year I began again writing with "Classical Clichees" in mind, and that time I completed a 3-part suite. This Suite for Violin, Cello and Orchestra would require actual live improvisations with these solo instruments. Since there was never a performance of this composition, it has never been released, and these live improvisations never materialised. Only recordings which highlighted the structure of this music existed, which were not meant to be listened to as performances, but which only have been made for compositorial purposes. So for this release, I added some more or less improvisatorial solo violin and solo cello parts.

The final work in 2003 was the "Song of Solomon" for Chorus and Organ. It is based on some excerpts from that famous text in the bible. This composition also has never been released, but only a schematic recording has been made.

A few years earlier I had begun to record German Christmas Carols and create some variations with their musical motifes. The final official recording on this album is my 2001 version of a prelude to the German Christmas carol "Suesser die Glocken nie klingen".

From 2003 onwards I became occupied with another project: participation in the US DARPA Grand Challenge, and I no longer had the time to devote to music composition. I only picked up composing music a few years later.

In November 2013 I decided to re-record all of these early works by using Garritan Personal Orchestra samples and release them here as this album.

Included in the download of this album are bonus tracks, featuring the original recordings which I made between 1998 and 2003. In comparison with the newest recordings, they sound more "electronic", as they do not feature the realistic orchestra samples, but are based mostly on the Yamaha MU-80 sounds. All my early recordings until 2003 are based on Yamaha MU-80 synthesizer sounds, layered with a set of soundfonts and recorded through a Soundblaster AWE-64, using only the digital recording path to avoid noise. Only since 2009 I used the Garritan Personal Orchestra 4 sample library.


released December 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Virtual Philharmonic Orchestra (Reinhold Behringer) Leeds, UK

Since 1993 I use computers to create music with my computer. These are renditions of classical music works which I especially cherish, But I also create my own compositions with this tool. My own compositional style is probably similar to early 20th century music. ... more

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